Miss Malaysia Bikini Night

Malaysia Cancel Miss Bikini Night

Kuala Lumpur – A beach resort in Malaysia, yesterday, canceling a performance for the contest "Miss Bikini" after officials warned that it could promote inappropriate behavior.


Pangkor Island Beach Resort has plans to hold a preliminary stage which is scheduled contest held in Thailand later this year.

But government officials in the State of Perak launched a performance statement this week that it would “tarnish the image of the country”.

According to a spokesman for the resort, Doris Chin, they will hold a “Full Moon Beach Party” on October 7 later, but will cancel the preliminary stage of “Miss Bikini”, which became part of that program.

“Preliminary Stage will present an ice sculpture contest and announce details, but there was no parade of bikini-clad women,” said Chin, yesterday.

Two-day barbecue will be accompanied by DJ music competition, which is expected to attract 1500 delegates.

The controversy surrounding the performance was due to a number of Muslim activists in the middle of the resort are the Silver confident girl bikini contest organized in Pangkor, an island for fishing that often make the government promoted the activity of diving and sailing. 

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