Sonya Zia, Hot Pakistani Models

Sonya Zia, Hot Pakistani Models

Sonya Zia, from Lahore, Pakistan, has made history in the world of pageants for Pakistan, as being the youngest Pakistani girl to participate in a beauty pageant. Sonya Zia, World Miss University Pakistan 2006, has now entered into the world of beauty pageants and has represented Pakistan. At a young age of 18 years, Sonya Zia, a student, studying Law and Security, represented Pakistan on the basis of her University. Having fast tracked high school and receiving her high school diploma at age 16, year 2005, she took part in various fund raising events in the community to support various organizations.

In her words, Sonya Zia, “I would like to carry out my Pakistani culture and represent my country around the world. Being World Miss University Pakistan 2006 is a personal achievement which I cherish.” Sonya Zia, also won the Miss Photogenic 2006 title in the Miss Pakistan World 2006 pageant. Sonya is now preparing to take part in more pageants representing Pakistan.

The president of Miss Pakistan World, Sonia Ahmed, “This year has been a rewarding year for Pakistan in terms of beauty pageants. We started with only one pageant in 2003 and now we have sent our girls to four international pageants in total this year. Sonya Zia, being the youngest, has proven once again that Pakistani girl at the age of 18 can contribute to society and spread harmony and peace being together at pageants like these and being ambassadors of their country. Pakistan is changing at a very fast pace, and these young women are becoming role models of Pakistani girls from Pakistan as well as all over the world. Just recently I have started getting calls from Pakistan, inquiries made by girls there, who are relating to these beauty queens. This it self, is an excellent sign of change.”

Whether Sonya Zia, brings the crown back home is not the main concern, it is the mere fact that Pakistan is getting the recognition in beauty. It is a given for Pakistani women, as being the most beautiful women in the world, yet the most undiscovered women, as they always are hidden. This is a step forward and hopefully, every year proves to be successful and rewarding.

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